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because the satellites are going down in a minute. let's show the debates between o'reilly and jon stewart. we were all saying this is great. why aren't the real debates like this. maybe it should be bill o'reilly or jon stewart moderating the debate instead of the people we had chosen, and maybe there should be more diversity or younger people, and there has been a criticism about diverse moderators. this was great. what do you think? >> don, i am all with you except about the part of jon stewart and bill o'reilly being diverse. i am not sure they fall into a diverse category. but they were entertaining, because they are entertainers. >> real quick, lz? >> a lot of the conversation was honest, which a lot of the politicians can't afford to be, sadly. >>> television host jon stewart and bill o'reilly, faced off podium to podium, and mostly for the entertainment value, but not all for laughs. both guys spoke with substance, and a lot of people say their debate was more watchable than the real thing? >> what do you think is the fundamental problem with the political discourse? >> the problem
there first. >> jessica, the president was trying to keep things light when he taped an appearance on jon stewart's "the daily show." regarding the attacks on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. what did he say? >> that's right. he told jon stewart in benghazi, the administration shared information with the public as it was coming in, and as the picture is getting filled in for them, they are sharing it with the american people. the president was asked by jon stewart at one point if the administration's response to the attack was not "optimal." the president said if four americans get killed, it's not optimal. that's not an ideal way to phrase that, and the president taking some heat from that already from critics tonight. especially because this is such a hot topic under a microscope on the campaign trail and expect the phrasing to come up tomorrow from his critics. >> i already saw that online and i was surprised by his use of the word optimal. you're saying jon stewart actually used that word in the question? >> jon stewart used that word in the question, and it was -- somewhere lower down
of the debate between bill o'reilly and jon stewart. we watched in the newsroom. we were saying this is great. why aren't the real debates like this? maybe it should be bill o'reilly or jon stewart moderating the debate instead of the people we have chosen. there should be more diversity in people. maybe have there should be younger people doing it. more diversity. what did you think? this was great. the other debate was boring the other night. ana? >> don, i'm all with you, with everything you just said, except for the part of jon stewart and bill o'reilly being diverse. i'm not sure they fall into the diversity category. >> we did see people of the same color up there, yes. >> they are entertaining because they are entertainers. >> i have to go. but go ahead, l.z. >> a lot of the conversation was honest. that's something that our candidates can't be. >> jon stewart and bill o'reilly, they faced off. podium-to-podium. it was mostly for the entertainment value. they have cable shows to promote. but it wasn't all for laughs. both guys did speak with some substance. and a lot of critics say the
trying to portray their president as an angry black man. plus the other big debate, jon stewart versus bill o'reilly. >> income redistribution. do you believe in it? >> do you? >> no. i asked first. >> it's a complicated one. i believe in social security. do you? >> yes, absolutely. >> so we're both socialists. >> no, no. >> was this clash of titan television or was it shtick? i'm howard kurtz and this is "reliable sources." i knew the media were absolutely pummeling barack obama after the debate when i watched the gang at msnbc. they savaged the president they usually defend, appearing angry, even appeared disgusted with his performance and especially chris mass use. >> i don't know what he was doing. he had his head down enduring it rather than fighting it. where was obama tonight. he e should watch -- not just hardball but you and lawrence. he should learn something about this debate. there's a hot debate. you know where it's being held? here, this debate. we have our knives out. we go after the people and the facts. what was he doing tonight? >> mitt romney won the debate, no quest
by "the daily show" earlier in the night. but it really wasn't all laughs. >> no, it isn't. jon stewart, you know, sure he's on comedy central, but a lot of people go there for the news, specifically younger people. jon stewart isn't always making jokes. he does ask very pointed questions. let's listen to this exchange. >> i would say even you would admit it was not the optimal response, at least to the american people, as far as us all being on the same page. >> here's what i'll say. >> yeah. >> if four americans get killed, it's not optimal. >> right. >> we're going to fix it. >> all of it. >> all of it. and what happens during the course of a presidency is that the government is a big operation. at any given time, something screws up and you make sure that you find out what's broken and fix it. >> you have the president talking about the benghazi situation. at this point, who would have thought we'd be talking about foreign policy in regards to the presidential campaign, but it has become part of the narrative. >> of course, foreign policy will be the subject of the debate monday nig
even mentioned at the presidential debate. and the other debate everyone is talking about. jon stewart versus bill o'reilly. >>> good morning, everyone. once again i'm randi kaye. 7:00 on the east coast, 4:00 a.m. on the west. we start this morning with the news that the pharmacy responsible for making the steroid blamed for spreading fungal meningitis has recalled all of its products nationwide. i want you to look at this map with me. 64 cases of fungal meningitis are confirmed in the nine states that you see highlighted there, but that number could go up. our brian todd has more. >> just a week after getting a steroid injection she thought would help her, japan it russell is in intensive care as a tennessee hospital. that tainted injection might well have given her meningitis. her family is more than just concerned. >> of course, we're just worried sick is the main thing. >> this doesn't happen in america. i mean this doesn't -- i mean i hope that doesn't sound -- you're just thinking, this is something that is not even real. >> their moms, more than two dozen in tennessee an
between bill o'reilly and jon stewart? we watched it in the newsroom and said, this is great, why aren't the real debates like this? maybe it should be bill o'reilly or jon stewart moderating the debate instead of the people we have chosen? there should be more diversity in the people, maybe younger people doing it? and again, more diverse, more criticism about diverse moderators. this was great. the other debate was boring the other night. anna? >> well, don, i'm all with you with everything you just said except about the part of jon stewart and bill o'reilly being diverse. i'm not sure they fall into the diverse category. >> yes, we did see that, yes. >> they were entertaining because they are entertainers. >> i have to go. lz, real quick. >> i was just going to say a lot of the conversation was honest, which is something our politicians can't afford to be, sadly. >> all right. thank you, guys. appreciate it. >> thank you. >>> vice president joe biden, congressman paul ryan get their turn to tap on the issues before the country this thursday night. our coverage begins at 7:00 p.m. ea
in the nation's capital over the weekend. fox news host bill o'reilly and jon stewart head to head in a mock debate. >> biggest spending president by far in the history of the united states. in fact, president obama has spent more money than all of the other presidents combined if you take out world war ii. >> my friend bill o'reilly, is completely full of [ bleep ]. >> and the big loser in this debate may have been the viewer because so many people tried to watch it on-line and it crashed the live stream. it was very hard to get the thing going. soled soledad. >> thank you very much. >>> president obama in full campaign mode this week starting with a speech on sunday op in a star studded rally in los angeles. there will be performances from stevie wonder, katy perry, a number of other a-listers. the president used the occasion to poke fun at his recent disjust tras debate -- disastrous debate performance. listen. >> these guys and everybody here, incredible professionals, they're such great friends and they just perform flawlessly, night after night. i can't always say the same. >> meanwhil
. >>> bill o'reilly and jon stewart go where the candidates would never, ever, ever, ever dare go. >>> it is an american comeback story. cnn gets up close and personal with the once-endangered crocodiles. >> up close and personal, did you say? >> alive and well in florida. >>> welcome back to "early start", everyone. >> we're happy you're with us this morning. we have a brand-new snapshot of the presidential race out minutes ago. it's good news for mitt romney. he did get a debate bounce. brand-new polls show the two candidates in a dead-heat at 47%. romney, reracing the gap. paul steinhauser joins us from washington. these are new. break them down for us? >> let's go back to the screen you were showing. when are we going to see polls? here we go. go back to the screen you had up there. you see what gallup did. those are the numbers on the three days prior to the presidential debate. on the right, the numbers on the three days after the debate. this is the first real nonpartisan live operator national poll we've seen since the debate on wednesday in denver. a five-point advantage
. >>> and the political debate everyone is talking about. not obama/romney, but jon stewart versus bill o'reilly. -- captions by vitac -- >>> it is sunday, october 7th. i'm randi kaye. so glad you're with us. the pharmacy has recalled all of its products nationwide. the move comes as the cdc reports two more deaths from the disease, bringing the total now to seven. take a look at this map with me. 64 cases of fungal meningitis are confirmed in the nine states that you see highlighted there, but that number could go up. health officials say the contaminated steroid went out to 76 medical facilities in 23 states. our chief medical correspondent dr. sanjay gupta has more details on the symptoms of this disease. >> randi, it's worth pointing out again we're talking about fungal meningitis as opposed to bacterial meningitis or the most common form, viral meningitis, that's the type you hear about typically being spread on college campuses. fungal meningitis, if there's any good news, it's not contagious. people got this because it was injected into them through a contaminated ste
it on jon stewart and "saturday night live." and think journalists are looking for something new. we want to have these sound bite instances. oftentimes i don't think it matters but it certainly feeds cable news for days and days and days average and i think in these timetimes, these debates come back and back and back for weeks. >> i'm going to play you five seconds at the debasement i had my head down, typing away on a story in real time and i didn't reamize the significance of this until i saw it explode on twitter. let's roll it, mitt romney. >> i went to a number of women's groups can you help us find groups and they found us whole binders full of women. >> why did this go so viral? >> i think it's because of the -- you had this narrative already about mitt romney and they're really trying to appeal to women. it was a silly moment. it got carried away. oh, my gosh, what's this mean for mitt romney and women. >> the question was about pay equity by the wi and romney was trying to make the point when he was governor of massachusetts he was looking for qualified women to put in his cabi
is dangerous about it. you know, when president obama talked about the deaths in benghazi with jon stewart not being optimal, using that language, after a joke, a set joke where he said that's not very sexy in terms of something else, and stewart said you don't know what may be sexy to me. it demeans those kinds of -- four deaths should not be yuck yuck in the middle of a conversation on comedy central. >> on one hand, jon stewart is trying to get serious questions, not just a laugh fest. on the other hand, you say the ajay's ensee of kidding around about deaths of american diplomats troubles you. >> it says to me you demean the presidency. what we lose on this, president obama is great on the shows but we lose the gettysburg address, that end of the presidency, when you can speak to better angels and elevate us, he is taking us into late night tv on the couch instead of to gettysburg and that's a danger because we need that, too, from a president. >> these days the gettysburg address would be way too long for television, you would get a ten second sound bite. >>> still to come, "the new y
-listers like katy perry, jon bon jovi and george clooney. >>> a reminder, the vice presidential debate is thursday night. >>> this morning one of america's harshest critics is celebrating his re-election to another six-year term. venezuelan president hugo chavez beat back a serious challenge by a candidate backed by a number of opposition groups. despite business ties, chavez has wrangled washington with fiery criticism and support for controversial leaders like the iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad. >>> this unmanned aircraft was destroyed by israeli defense forces saturday over israeli air space. happened not far from a secret nuclear plant. no one has claimed responsibility for the aircraft. one israeli security analyst says the drone, though, originated in lebanon. but the israeli government has not made any official announcement. >>> on the subject of drones, several americans are now in pakistan protesting u.s. policy. more than 30 members of code pink marched against american drone strikes in pakistan because, according to code pink, those drones are killing way too many civ
: from a gorilla on jon stewart, his offer of a check to charity. >> for $5 million. >> reporter: if president obama would release his passport records. reminded the folks at college humor of a certain someone -- >> $1 million. >> reporter: presto changeo, the donald was dr. evil. there were counterproposals, some too raunchy for the news. >> 1 million actual dollars. if you will let me [ bleep ]. >> i said, hey, don, i'll give you $5 million if you release that thing on your head. >> reporter: on jimmy kimel's show, playing the great pumpkin. >> a check for $5 million. >> huh? >> reporter: the one that was almost painful to watch, the one that had to hurt the most came from an old friend of donald's. >> i want to say it to his face. donald, you're making a fool of yourself. >> reporter: you just don't get it, suggested she end up apologizing to him. why did you choose me as one of the ten most fascinating people of the year, from one top ten to another? >> the number one lame october surprise, donald trump offering $5 million to unearth anyone who still takes him seriously. >> r
. the president is in new york. he's taped with jon stewart. i think this is his sixth appearance on the stewart show. his second since he's been in office. they seem to have a pretty good rapport, but sometimes he gets a little serious. john stewart can ask him some pointed questions about politics and policy. and then he's going to make more jokes at the al smith dinner later tonight. day full of quips for president obama. >> we'll see how funny he is, how biting and we'll see how finny and biting mitt romney is. we'll have coverage 9:00 p.m. eastern later tonight. >>> president obama was in ohio just yesterday. he'll be back on tuesday, the day after his third and final debate with mitt romney. our chief national correspondent john king is in ohio, happens to be in cincinnati right now. john, you visited one of the most important swing counties in one of the most important swing states if not the most important swing state. we're talking about ohio. what are you seeing, what are you hearing? >> reporter: wolf, i came to get a look at early voting here -- [ technical difficulties ] president o
controversies have dominated much of the discussion. jon husted is ohio's secretary of state. sir, good to have you with us. first question -- >> great to be with you. >> -- the courts have reinstated voting on sunday before election day. is it over now? is it settled or is there still an appeal to be heard? >> actually, that's not what the court said. the court said we could have it, or we could shut it down. what i chose to do is implement uniform hours across the state for the saturday, sunday and monday before the election. but that issue is settled. and we're moving on to the next issues that will affect the election in ohio. >> let's talk about some of those issues. early voting changes, voter i.d. in many states, changes, political move by republicans some say across the country who have seen the biggest controversies in texas, florida, pennsylvania and ohio, all republican governors passed by republican legislatures. how do you respond to the critics who say this is a partisan effort to reduce the democratic turnout? >> well, we didn't pass a photo i.d. law in ohio. you actually have --
debate. president obama sat down with jon stewart. >> we weren't confused about the fact that four americans had been killed. i wasn't confused about the fact that we needed to ramp up diplomatic security around the world. >> you would admit it is not the optimal response at least to the american people as far as us being on the same page. >> here is what i will say. if four americans get killed it's not optimal. >> and those words not optimal are making the rounds on conservative websites this morning and will be for mitt romney. dan lothian joins us to talk about that. >> reporter: you are right. we have seen the romney campaign really go after this white house on the issue of libya, concerns that this administration has not been transparent and concerns that this president has not been strong enough in addressing the issues of terrorism. and concerned about the way that the administration has been slow to really roll out the real story on libya. as of yet the romney campaign officially has not released anything on this but senator john mccain who is a surrogate for the campaign
. >>> we know jon huntsman jr. from his failed bid for president yam nominee. but his father is -- >> reporter: if the name sounds familiar it's no coincidence. this is jon huntsman sr. he says he was born with nothing and describes his upbringing aas tough. 42 years ago, he started a small plastics company in southern california. >> in 1973, a small team that worked with me, we invented the big mac hamburger container. >> reporter: over the years, that little company has grown into the huntsman corporation, one of the largest pet row chemical plastics and industrial firms in the world. he describes himself as a deal junkie, who has also developed an addiction for giving, donating more than $1.2 billion so far to thousands of charities and individuals in the united states and abroad. his main charitable focus for nearly two decades, building the huntsman cancer institute. >> i just wanted to have the best in the world. and i bloev that we're -- that's where we are today. >> reporter: that's because cancer has hit his family hard. his mother died from cancer. as did his father
. fox news host bill o'reilly and jon stewart faced off in a debate at george washington university. some found it more entertaining than the presidential one. >> in man has offended -- this man over here has offended every single american. are you go to stand there -- are you sitting or standing? >> i read the bible. >> we are only as good as dpaish. >> i am short, but when you tell me i'm short, i don't blame the liberal weights or measures bureau or suggest my numbers are skews and i'm really 6'1" if only the lame street media would tell people. i trust i'm 5'7". >> you don't know this, but the feds pay for that licft. all right? >> if you missed it last night watch it online at >>> people are lining up to stroet for president, but the man they hope to elect is in ven venezuela. we'll go there live. the countdown is on in florida with a launch into space, but nasa isn't involved in this mission tonight. the military wives go topless in support of their husbands. we'll show you why. jack, you're a little boring. boring. boring. [ jack ] after lauren broke up wit
'll be on the "the daily show" with jon stewart. and later the president will be speaking at a rally in veterans memorial park in manchester, new hampshire. it's his first visit to the granite state since early september. 4 electoral votes there. with the president in new hampshire are, our jessica yellin will be joining me. there's been a trend in the last few speeches, i don't know if it's by accident or on purpose. there's a part of the speech "we have al qaeda on the run" part has been missing from some of them. do you have any background information on what's going on there? >> yesterday he stopped saying that. what i can tell you is that i just got off the phone with a white house official who tells me that their assessment that they've decimated al qaeda leadership is unchanged. what they're saying is because of the president's policies, dozens of senior al qaeda leaders have been taken off the battlefield. they're still aware that affiliates are active, but that we should not in essence read into these missing few words, a sense that their overall assessment of al qaeda's strength is in
of of the united states goes on a show like "the daily show" with jon stewart, that's mostly designed to get out the base. young people, they voted ov overwhelmi overwhelmingly for him four years ago, he wants to get them excited and make sure they show up to vote. it's not an easy task but they're working hard to do that. >> candy crowley was saying it's tremendous when you look at the real undecideds or uncommitted. some are truly up in the air but others can be swayed. when you boil it down to the ones that matter most, it's almost negligible and thus the import becomes just getting your base out and making sure those committed voters actually vote. but do you think that that will be the critical mission? is that what's going to turn -- this is such a close race, just a few people can make the difference as we saw in florida in 2000. >> about 500 people or so in florida in 2000, made a huge difference. remember, this third and final presidential debate is supposed to be strictly on foreign policy. i suspect both of these candidates will try to underscore economic issues and say if the united
believe we have the foot anl of the announcement. >> reporter: from a gorilla on jon stewart he was morphed into a donkey, his offer of a check to charity. >> for $5 million. >> reporter: if president obama would release school and passport records reminded the folks at college humor of a certain someone. >> one million dollars. >> reporter: and presto-change-o, donald was dr. evil. counterproposals some too raunch for the news. >> $1 million actual dollars if you will let me [ bleep ]. >> and i said, hey, don, i'll give you $5 million if you release that thing on your head. [ laughter ] let it go. >> reporter: jimmy kimmel's show the donald ended up playing the great trumpkin in charlie brown's pumpkin patch. >> what's that? >> a check for $5 million. >> huh? >> what the [ bleep ]. >> reporter: the one almost painful to watch, the one that had to hurt the most came from an old friend of donald's. >> i'm going to say it to his face. donald, you're making a fool of yourself. >> reporter: soon donald was tweeting @barbara walters, you just don't get it. he suggested she'd end up a
show with jon stewart." the third and final presidential debate takes place monday night. that will focus on foreign policy. cnn's live coverage from boek ka raton, florida, begins at 7:00 eastern time. >>> the women behind the candidates also on the stump. ann romney sits down to talk to the women of "the view." mitt romney bowed out of that opportunity. and mrs. obama sits down on "live! with kelly and michael" to talk about the spouses of the debate. >> i compared it to the olympic parents watching their kids on that balance beam. like, oh, you know. lots of clenching. >> you have to be conscious, because the camera's always on you. so in you're head, you've got to be going, get 'em, baby! get 'em! yeah, that's my man! >>> the nationwide outbreak of fungal meningitis that has claimed four more lives, a total of 19 deaths. 247 people across 15 states have been sickened. the outbreak has been traced to contaminated pain steroid made by a massachusetts pharmaceutical company. federal officials are investigating after raiding the company's facility on tuesday. >>> a deadly
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or both. they're called both a lot. jon stewart, bill o'reilly. presidential election fever, these guys faced off to represent their well-known political positions at george washington university. it was memorable. here's a little chunk of it. >> because we as a country are only as strong as the weakest amongst us. as the new testament tells us, the poor will always be with us -- >> wait a minute, wait a minute. you're telling me -- >> whether or not to take care of them but how best to efficiently bring the poor and those in need back into more productive society -- >> this is total irony. this man, this man, this man over here, that is offended every single american. are you going to stand there, are you sitting or standing? >> i read the bible. you know what? >> we are only -- >> i am short, but when you tell me i'm short i don't blame the liberal weights and measures bureau. i don't suggest that my numbers are skewed and i'm really 6'1", if only the mainstream media would tell people. i trust that i'm 5'7". >> you don't know this but the feds pay for that lift, right? >> that was gr
jon stewart to conan. get the kiddies out of the room. >> what's that? [ laughter ] >> ah! [ gunfire ] >> reporter: bye-bye big birdie. ♪ bye-bye birdie >> reporter: jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >>> that's it for us. erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. >>> "outfront" next, game on. new polls released just hours ago show a post debate surge for mitt romney. but does he have enough momentum to win the whole thing? >>> plus, breaking news. the state department now says there was no protest over a controversial film on the night the ambassador to libya was murdered. no protest outside the benghazi consulate. >>> and the u.s. military says it doesn't need to refurbish hundreds of tanks. so why is $3 billion being spent now to update those tanks? it's an "outfront" investigation. let's go "outfront." >>> good evening, everyone, i'm erin burnett. and "outfront" tonight, romney dodges, obama spins. it's sort of a new dance move. dodge and spin. while the republican candidate just spoke with our wolf blitzer and when wolf asked him to get specific on tax cuts, here's what ha
for sarah palin. >> jon avalon, always nice seeing you. in the flesh. >>> reminder, as if you didn't need another one. here you go, the big vice presidential debate. joe biden, congressman paul ryan, starts here on cnn live. if you can't be near the tv, got your laptop. has it live, too. underway, coverage at 7:00 p.m. eastern. totally original. do it again. that's good. call in the engineers. call in the car guys. call in the nerds. build a prototype. mold it. shape it. love it. give it a starting price under 16 grand. uh-oh. the finance guys. you can't do that. [ male announcer ] kick out the finance guys. take it to the track. tweak. tweak. tweak. stop. take it to the car shows. call the critics. win some awards. making a groundbreaking car -- it's that easy. ♪ >>> new jobless numbers just released. claims this week dropped to the lowest level since 2008. 339,000 unemployment claims filed for the first time last week. that is a huge drop from the week before. it's a 30,000-person drop. just for perspective, the week before that, just 4,000. a big, significant difference, and
debate and you had two candidates who looked very similar. jon stewart did a fabulous job of contrasting them, saying their policies are the same, just choose what color you want. you look at the two candidates, there were a lot of similarities. here you have these critical swing states and it's all going to come down really to the ground game in both places. it's a question of really likability. who do we trust more, because right now, what you see in the polls is on the economy, the american people are saying both candidates as almost equally trustworthy in terms of who can move the economy. so it comes down to in the end, what do those key swing states think. on the women's issues, i will say they're not women's issues. they are men and family issues as well. because reproductive justice and opportunities for access to health care, access to birth control, just as much affects men as it does women. >> quite right. >> they don't affect men the same way. men can't get pregnant. this is a fundamental difference. come on. come on. and if a man were to get raped, pregnancy is not a possibi
the story. >> reporter: hello. my name is jon levine. i'm from new york city, new york, united states of america. i came to china in search of gainful employment. i was unemployed and then severely underemployed, and then i left. >> reporter: and this is where he ended up. he now teaches chinese students about the country he has left behind. 25-year-old jonathan levine had a masters degree and a dead-end job. going, america. hello, china. a new life of opportunity. >> look at this. >> you can say it's a long march. >> a long march, indeed, for jonathan, and a world now waking up to the full extent of china's power. >> in the states everybody is so mopey. it's the end of the world, and there's no jbz, and inequality is through the roof, and we're back to like the guilded age in the u.s. >> reporter: for presidential candidates looking for someone to blame, enter big bad china. china keeping its currency low, boosting exports. china stealing american jobs. >> the president has a regular opportunity to label them as a currency manipulator but refuses to do so. on day one i will label chi
would be so fun to cover. i just want to have that out there. i think jon stewart of "the daily show" would agree. quickly, you mentioned ohio and that poll is closing. there's a great stump effort today with chris christie, the new jersey governor, who's so exciting on the trail. i want your opinion as to whether that is a critical issue going into this debate or whether just the vp debate performance is what's critical going into thursday's big-time in kentucky? >> reporter: yeah, the vp debates, you know, usually don't matter that much. but here's why this vp debate will matter so much right now because the momentum has shifted to mitt romney. so the romney campaign doesn't want anything to deflect from that. they're hoping for a strong performance from paul ryan. on the other side, of course, the obama campaign is hoping for a breakout performance from joe biden to kind of possibly blunt this rise in the polls by mitt romney. ashleigh, check this out. "the thrill in the ville." this is what they're putting out here. why? because remember 12 years ago, there was another vice presi
. huntsman. >> reporter: if the name is familiar, it's no coincidence. this is jon huntsman sr., father of former presidential candidate jon huntsman jr. while he is not as familiar as his son, the billionaire businessman philanthropist and multiple cancer survivor has made his mark. huntsman says he was born with nothing and describes his upbringing as tough but 42 years ago he starts a small plastics company in southern california. >> 1973, a small team that worked with me, we invented the big mac hamburger container. >> reporter: it's grown in to the huntsman corporation, one of the largest plastics and industrial firms in the world. huntsman describes himself as a deal junkie who's also developed an addiction for giving. >> i'm pleased to say that right from the beginning we started giving money away to charity over 40 years ago. even when i had to borrow money from the bank. >> reporter: donated more than $1.2 billion to thousands of charities and individuals in the united states and abroad. the main charitable focus of two decades, building the huntsman cancer institute. >> i just
coral in just the past 27 years. earlier today, jon gunn said man's impact on the reef is easily traceable. >> we have in the corals a wonderful library of what we've done to the great barrier reef. there's some corals that live for many thousands of years and we found through some of the sites we do we can drill holes in the center of these corals and look at annual growth rings and look at when captain cook came to australia and when the first agriculture in australia happened. we saw a change in the type of chemistry that these annual growth rings in coral were depositing. we've seen a chronoloronhronolo coral record. as we've seen it grow we've seen these major stresses happen as well. in particular in the last 27 years we've seen this very sad decline in the coral recovery rate. >> joining us cnn meteorologist. chad explain to us if anything can to be done when you look at the coral and it's disappearing. >> two cyclones, category 5 storms. can't do anything about that. that's natural. that will recover. we have these crown of thorns star fish that he was talking about and t
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-degree murder of tray jon martin is scheduled for trial and looking at the track record of the judge here may be tough for him to use stand your ground as a defense. hear from another man that tried. this is a cnn exclusive. [ male announcer ] citi turns 200 this year. in that time there've been some good days. and some difficult ones. but, through it all, we've persevered, supporting some of the biggest ideas in modern history. so why should our anniversary matter to you? because for 200 years, we've been helping ideas move from ambition to achievement. and the next great idea could be yours. ♪ >>> george zimmerman is getting some strong advice from the only guy who ever used the stand your ground defense against the same florida judge handling the zimmerman case here. this man says forget about it. the stand your ground argument just will not work with this judge. zimmerman says he acted in self-defense when he shot and killed unarmed teenager trayvon martin. and cnn's david mattingly interviews with the man who tried that. >> reporter: he claimed he was standing his ground when he shot a
the bell. ceo of the new york stock exchange, so is larry lieberwits, who happens to be jon stewart's brother, they are up there, getting ready to ring the bell. everybody holding their breath here. after the devastation of hurricane sandy, two days of the markets being closed, this is the opening bell that's telling the world, carol, that new york is open for business. carol? >> and that can only mean good things for all of us in our economy, of course. alison kosik. alison can't hear me. sorry, we're having technical difficulties there. you got the gist. >>> we're taking a closer look at the aftermath of superstorm sandy and the full scope of the devastation that's just now coming into view. these are new pictures that just fed into cnn moments ago. the storm's death toll just in the united states stands at 40. new york police say 22 people died in the city alone. take a look at this video from an nypd helicopter. across the region thousands of people had to be rescued from their flooded homes. many were chased to their rooftops to escape the rising waters. and today, as national
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person to break up the banks, jon huntsman. >> i think he's in china eating dumplin dumplings. >> americans could come together on this issue. i wish we would talk more about it and learn to understand it. but you're right. a boy can dream. thank you guys very much. we've got to give it back to another young boy, wolf blitzer. >> thank you so much. appreciate it. excellent discussion. we've got more news coming up here in "the situation room" including some shocking claims by a former biker. he says he became a secret agent and went to incredible lengths to help the cia take out a top terror suspect. north america's natural gas producers are committed to safely and responsibly providing generations of cleaner-burning energy for our country, drilling thousands of feet below fresh water sources within self-contained well systems. and, using state-of-the-art monitoring technologies, rigorous practices help ensure our operations are safe and clean for our communities and the environment. we're america's natural gas. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ we're lucky, it's not every day you find
to see you. jennifer. jon exactly -- >> call me jennifer, suzanne, for sure. call me jennifer. >> i'll call you jennifer. you were the stand-in for sarah palin when joe biden was prepping in 2008. we were all wondering what's going on behind the scenes. how important is it this prepping for debate now? >> oh, it's huge. i mean, can you look at books and study policy papers all you want. there is no substitute for standing behind a podium and having everything but the kitchen sink thrown at you and formulate phrases to communicate. there's no substitute, and no one loves to do it. no one wants to do it, although i must say joe biden was very game in 2008 to do it. >> tell us what it looks like. who is actually in the room? this is a pretty secretive process zoosh yeah, i mean, i don't know what they're doing this year, but i can tell you in 2008 they have the policy people there. you remember that biden and obama were just sort of marrying as a team, and so we had some obama people and some biden people in the room. the folks who know the issues extremely well. the room itself is set
. president obama recently sat down with jon stewart for a mostly substantiative interview along with a few jokes. >> we have been speaking now for i think a good 12 to 14 minutes. and i am curious, how many e-mails during that time do you think your campaign has sent to me? >> it depends on what do you max out? >> reporter: no political figure has felt the impact of late night humor more than sarah palin. tina faye's impersonation of her on snl became a defining caricature. >> and i can see russia from my house. >> reporter: she never said the words exactly, but it stuck thanks to funny faye. >> mr. vice president, i know you're under a lot of duress to make up for lost ground. but i think people would be better served if we didn't keep interrupting each other. >> you don't scare me shark eyes. >> reporter: election 2012 may not have proven quite a rich a target, so its ultimatin flubs remains to be seen. but in the midst of a mud slinging horse race. >> governor, we also have fewer horses and bayonets. >> the president began what i call an apology tour. >> reporter: if nothing else, we co
and that is making people nervous. >> jon mikelwaithe is editor in chief of the economist. thank you. appreciate your time. (train horn) vo: wherever our trains go, the economy comes to life. norfolk southern. one line, infinite possibilities. two. three. my credit card rewards are easy to remember. with the bankamericard cash rewards credit card, i earn 1% cash back everywhere, every time. [ both ] 2% back on groceries. [ all ] 3% on gas! no hoops to jump through. i earn more cash back on the things i buy most. [ woman in pet store ] it's as easy as... [ all ] one! -two. -[ all ] three! [ male announcer ] the bankamericard cash rewards credit card. apply online or at a bank of america near you. email marketing from constant contact reaches people in a place they're checking every day -- their inbox. and it gives you the tools to create custom emails that drive business. it's just one of the ways constant contact can help you grow your small business. sign up for your free trial today at
for an incumbent president. how does each side fit it into their larger strategy? for mitt romney, i think jon is right. job number one is reassuring people he's up to the job, that he's ready to be president. that's what he was able to do substantially on the economy in the first debate. that's the job on foreign policy here in the third debate, especially after that rocky trip this summer. i think for the president the question is can he fit the debate tonight again into his strategy in the end game, which seems to be very much foe kused on regaining strength among women that have moved away from him since that first debate. in the second debate he raised a lot of issues relating to women. i think tonight you will hear questioning about whether mitt romney is too quick to talk about war, particularly in regards to iran. >> most women i know don't like war. they want our military men and women to come home as in right now. so might that hurt mitt romney if he starts talking about iran and sort of war-like terms? >> i think it's very interesting. you saw joe biden try to open this door certain
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